BUYFROMCT.com was started as a way to help Connecticut residence sell their products online without having to spend the large investment and recurring costs of operating an ecommerce website. Building a website to sell your products is a huge chore, not to mention the fees that come along with it. Monthly hosting fees, the credit card monthly fees, gateway fees and then the maintenanceof the website, setting up the shipping aspects of the site and then the secure online certificate to keep your customers safe. This all adds up to a huge investment with monthly costs running about $60 to $150 per month.

BUYFROMCT.com does all the work for you. We offer a secure site with the ability to accept credit cards and there is NO MONTHLY FEES. Our team will enter in your products, setup the shipping details for each item, provide you with business cards to sell your products and can even store your products in our warehouse. So all of this and it's free? Not entirely free, read on..

We charge a onetime setup fee of $200 and a reoccurring fee of $50 per year. This is still a small fee in comparisonto what a website in general would cost. We make our money based on the products that you sell. There is a 3% fee that the credit card processor takes and BUYFROMCT.com will take 5% to 10% depending on the selling price of the item. If your store is doing well than your making money. Regardless of how busy your store is, there is never a monthly fee to showcase your products.

BUTFROMCT.com will provide you with 250 business cards included with your membership. These cards list your store location and should be handed out to anyone interested in your products.If you set up your products at a trade event or weekend market, you would be able to sell your products using our MOBILE version of the website. This will display on your smart phone or tablet devices giving you the opportunity to take credit cards on the spot. NEVER miss a sale again! Simply select the option to pick the item up in the store during the checkout process and hand the product to your customer when the sale is approved.

The best part of this model is that other people drive business to this site. If one store is doing well then customers come to BUYFROMCT.com to buy that product. When on the site they are able to see the products hosted by other stores on the site. It is completely possible for a customer to buy many things from many of our stores all in one visit without the customer even knowing that the products are being offered by different BUYFROMCT stores. It's completely seamless.

Join today and start selling your products online without the hassle or financial burden of a website.
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