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Count down to going live

We are in the last stages of our count down to releasing the new BuyFromCT website. The Templates were completed ahead of time, thanks to nopCommerceTemplates. They did a fantasic job and came in on budget and delivered way before the deadline. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for website work, CSS development or development for web, phones and tablets. You can reach them here Sales@nopcommercetemplates.com

We are still lining up vendors to work with us on building our product catalog, so please pass the word onto anyone that you know that creates a product in CT or has a business that needs to promote their goods online.

The BuyFromCT website wants to help promote your business and products without charging you a monthly fee. No hosting fees, no monthly credit card processing fees, no Gateway fees and no maintenance fees. It's a simple concept. You join the site (There is a one time membership fee) and you list your products. When the products sell, we take a small creditcard transaction fee and that's it. The membership fee to join is $200 and that includes the training to list products and support and maintenance for your vendor site. Nothing could be easier. If you like the experience, your next years renewal is $50

Ask use for details or call us to talk about how we can get your product online quickly.

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